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Photo Credit: Carlyn K Photography

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I never dreamed all those years ago, as a new mom and wife, creating things I made at my dining room table would ever turn into an actual business or my own store. In fact, I was afraid to dream back then. I was filled with self doubt. I was just trying to keep up with the laundry, bills, baby spit-up, diaper changes, and making sure orders went out in a timely manner. I was longing to make our house home.  I will neverforget our friends that came over to our little starter home near the park. I would be so embarrassed by the ribbon and fabric scraps scattered about the floor, I didn't want to answer the door. I definitely needed to give myself a little grace for the season of life we were in. But the truth is, if friends and family hadn’t rang the doorbell to just come over and help any way they could, my orders would have never made it out the door. I would not be where I am today without those simple acts I hold close to my heart. I was stuck on how to write this “About” section, so I reached out on social media and one post brought me to tears. It’s funny how hard we are on ourselves and others see it so differently. The post read, “I loved coming over seeing material and sewing things everywhere, and how you managed to do it all with a baby on your hip, high demands of being a coaches wife, how you did it with grace and excellence while being jolly... You always loved what you were doing, your humbleness I guess .” I hope to still share what I love with you all everyday. I hope to ignite that dream inside of you through creating. It takes courage to step out and be brave. Junque is about inspiring you to use what you have and do what you love, to not be afraid to take a chance and go for that dream. Once I dared to dream a little, something inside of me was ignited. I started as a self-taught seamstress at my dinning room table and, like many of us, had a longing to create a home for my family. Junque combines my faith, love for my family, my need to create, and a way for me to share that all with you. It’s more than just paint,  it’s the love that goes into everything we do. That’s why every bag of paint is wrapped like a gift. The handmade wooden feather at the top shows you exactly which color you are getting, and also serves as a reminder to be brave in all things.


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Photo Credit: Carlyn K Photography

“My workshops started as a creative outlet for me. My sewing business of 4 years had come to end. It was the season of life we were in, suddenly we felt God tell us it was time for me to slow down and focus on being a wife and mom. I wasapproached by our local coffee house for ideas to bring more people in and a light bulb went off...”
I took a little break from sewing and was really working on sprucing up our home; finding free or nearly-free pieces that were once trash and giving them new life. I really found I loved refinishing furniture, making curtains, using my grandmother’s table runners as pillow covers, upcyling and repurposing. I started to realize friends and family would gravitate to our home for me to teach them. I really felt like I was finding my style and enjoyed using what I had to create a real home filled with love. It was just the outlet I needed. We had moved so many times early on I never really got the chance to make our house a home, I found a contentment. We don't have anything fancy or expensive. If you have tried using what you have then you know that’s where the most creativity happens. I held my first girls craft night 3 years ago at our local coffee house.  It was a great way for a group of girlfriends to have a fun night out and get to use their creative side. It was also a great way to bring in new customers to the coffee shop. Shortly after I was asked to travel all over Evansville, IN, Seville, OH, Danville, IL and my home town of Columbus, OH just to name a few. I love going on the road and meeting new people and watching their creativity unfold. I never imaged it would quickly turn into a store of my own, where we create, teach and inspire. You all are so talented and inspire me at every workshop. The number one thing people tell me before a workshop is that they can’t or they are not creative at all. That seed was sowed and the lie was planted along the way somewhere. And then by the time they leave a new seed is planted, and it blooms into something more. Creativity is contagious.