Junque Workshop at the Barn July 8th

As many of you know after 3 years as a brick and mortar studio space;  I held my last workshop at the Studio after the first of this year. It wasn't announced as my last; life just happened that way. Change was coming I could sense it. But I didn't know what it all entailed. If you want a little back story on what's changed see our previous two blog post, "For a season" & "A story of two Barns".  Libby & I are excited to announce we will be holding a summer workshop on the Farm. This is the Second barn motioned in our last post. Lucky Pond Barn, is located just out side of town. This is the farm that my father in law grew up on, now owned by his brother Terry & wife to be Sharon. They moved this barn from the 1800's to the farm & had it rebuilt by Amish. This barn has had such a special way of connecting many.  Lucky Pond Barn will also be used to hold weddings.

Please Note there are two barns and two locations, the barn in this post "Lucky Pond Barn" will be where I hold my signature workshops. The other barn "My Wish Weddings LLC" is where our Christmas Barn Sale will be held in November. BOTH barns are used for weddings and happy to get you in touch with the owners to book your special day.

Last week we had a special photo shoot at the farm with the VERY talented Carbonell Photography. We wanted you all the have a feel for the barn & workshops. Rustic setting , flower lined tables & beautiful white barn. Perfect summer night out.

Weather you are coming with a friend or a  group of friends we are happy to reserve spots next to them or a table for your group. Just let us know who all is in your group a head of time .

We have a Face Book event set up on our page here. We will be posting samples of signs in the FB event & as always you pick your saying.

We create all the handmade supplies ahead of time & require a $20 deposit. You may make your deposit here . Spots are starting to fill :) and a few tables have already been booked too. Will be serving some light refreshments & of course have a few goodies set up to shop a little with your friends. We will have lots of help on hand that evening, many of the faces you know from my studio.

Cheers to new adventures on the farm!


Libby & I hope to see you July 8th at the barn.


rebecca mcelroy