Simple Organizing

Hello friends, I was asked to be a part of The Inspired Room, Melissa Michaels new book launch team; Simple Organizing. I love Melissa’s books, they are practical & give me personally, obtainable goals for our home. I get asked a lot about our home & many have asked me to come into your home to help find solutions. Make your space feel like you, flow & function. This book breaks it down for you in 50 ways to clear the clutter. Yet fully live in our homes. 


When you walk into our home, you walk right into our living room. We have an old home, with less than  1600 sq ft for 6 people. Lots of doors & little wall space. I have tried over the years different placeses for a “entry” . None of them actually felt right or worked for us.


The reason why you see this door closed, mostly when you pop by, is that the bottom of our steps , are a cluttered “catch all” for this busy family. I honestly took this pic to show progress for me personally. I came home from the store & was ready to tackle this project, wanted you to see the real before. I always like to watch a few days before I tackle a space, to see how we really use the space & then jot down a few ideas. 






Once we determined how we used this space, Libby made us a inspiration board. It’s a dark space & plan on adding some lighting sometime soon. A little fresh coat of paint ( we already had on hand) in white to brighten the space up and a few inexpensive accessories from target. Libby & I like to use free pic app to create these boards. I believed she used PhotoGrid for this one. 



The after... this a 36” wall space.. it connects to our kitchen, we never hardly use this door , and this little area holds a tiny closet adjacent to our “entry” . The only closet on the first floor. So we really have to maximize space. We made some ground rules, like, one pair of shoes per person, sporting equipment and book bags have another home now. 



I added a few fun accessories, this letterboard will be the first things the kids see each day, as they walk down our steps. Will be fun to change up, with inspirational sayings.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with cleaning out and organizing, starting with a small nook in your home is a good place to start. Especially an entryway, the first thing peope see as they enter your home. Seeing just a little progress goes a long way. Our love and kindness start at home, how we live & love our spaces inspires others. I hope you join me in these weekly challenges. Use the hashtag SimpleOrganizing to share your progress with The Inspired Room, we will be following along too. 

rebecca mcelroy